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Win 10 older apps with blurry text

The cause of blurry text in Win 10 is that it defaults to a different approach to scaling than Win 8. The blurring is especially noticeable when using scaling.

Three cures--try them in this order:

1) Replace the drop-down scaling with a custom scaling--set the same one!

This is a "strange-but true!" scenario. A drop-down scaling of 125% looks blurry and if you replace that with a custom scaling of 125% the blurriness goes away! ...

2) On an app-by-app basis:

1) Right click on the application in which you are facing issues.

2) Select "Properties" from the popup menu.

3) Click on "Compatibility" tab.

4) Select "Override high DPI scaling behavior."

5) Select "System" from the options provided in "Scaling performed by" section.

6) Click on "Apply" button and then on "OK."

3) Download the free XPE Windows 10 DPI Fix