Appending Backslashes to Directory Names

If you set the Add \ to Directories option in the Command Line tab of the configuration dialogs, TCC will add a trailing backslash \ to directory names. The character appended is a slash / for directory names in FTP URLs or (if you have set the UNIX/Linux-style Paths option in the Startup tab) to all directory names.


This feature can be especially handy if you use filename completion to specify files that are not in the current directory. A succession of Tab or F9 and F10 keystrokes can build a complete path to the file you want to work with.


The following example shows the use of this technique to edit the file C:\DATA\FINANCE\MAPS.DAT. The lines which include "<F9>" show where F9 (or Tab) is pressed; the other lines show how the command line appears after the previous F9 or Tab (the example is displayed on several lines here, but all appears at a single command prompt when you actually perform the steps):


1edit \da <F9>
2edit \data\
3edit \data\f <F9>
4edit \data\frank.doc <F9>
5edit \data\finance\
6edit \data\finance\map <F9>
7edit \data\finance\maps.dat

Note that F9 was pressed twice in succession on lines 3 and 4, because the file name displayed on line 3 was not what was needed. We were looking for the FINANCE directory, which came up the second time F9 was pressed.