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Converting Between Long and Short Filenames

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On LFN drives, TCC will search for and display long filenames during filename completion. If you want to search for 8.3 short filenames (SFNs), press Ctrl-A before you start using filename completion. This allows you to use filename completion on LFN drives with applications that do not support long filenames. The LFNToggle directive can be used to change the keystroke assigned to this feature.


You can press Ctrl-A at any time prior to beginning filename completion. The switch to SFN format remains in effect for the remainder of the current command line. When TCC begins a new command line it returns to long filename format until you press Ctrl-A again.


You can also press Ctrl-A just after a filename is displayed, and the name will be converted to short filename format. However, this feature only affects the most recently entered file or directory name (the part between the cursor and the last backslash [\] on the command line), and any subsequent entries. It will not automatically convert all the parts of a previously entered path.


Ctrl-A toggles the filename completion mode, so you can switch back and forth between long and short filename displays by pressing Ctrl-A each time you want to change modes.