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Text Only Printing Options

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The Text Only Printing options can be entered on the command line.


They correspond to the options in the Text Only dialog box, and are as follows:


/TOAM:nn        Set *all* margins to nn





/TOBM:nn        Set left, right, top and bottom margins


/TOW:nn        Set page width to nn
/TOH:nn        Set page height to nn (ie, page length)


/TOLD:n        Set the Line Delay to n
/TOPD:n        Set the Page Delay to n
/TODISABLE        To disable Text Only printing


/TOSOF:xxx        String to send before the start of file is printed
/TOEOF:xxx        String to send at end of file
/TOEOL:xxx        String to send after each line
/TOEOP:xxx        String to send after each page


To include control characters in a string, you must specify their 2 character hex code prefixed by a "%". For example to send a CR/LF at the end of each line and a FF (form feed) at the end of each page, you would specify the following options:


         /TOEOL:%0d%0a /TOEOP:%0c