Take Command displays a variety of context menus when you click on the right mouse button, depending on the location of the mouse cursor. If the mouse cursor is on the:




You can customize the tabbed toolbar.


File Explorer caption bar


You can detach, dock, AutoHide, or Hide the Folders window.


File Explorer view


Displays the Windows Shell context menu.


Tab Bar


You can create a new tab, run an application (in a tab or stand-alone) or move an existing console window to a Take Command tab window.


Tab Labels


You can attach, detach, rename, and close tabs, search for text in the tab window, suspend or resume processes in the tab, and change the priority level of the process running in the tab window. You can also enable or disable notifications, triggered on either activity or silence in the tab window (see NOTIFY for details).


Tab Windows


You can copy selected text to the clipboard or paste the clipboard contents to the application in the tab window. (Paste works by sending the contents of the clipboard to the tab window as a series of keystrokes, so it will work with any application that accepts input.)