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Exporting Data to a CSV File

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The file being viewed can be exported to a CSV file by selecting Export to CSV from the GridLines menu. This option is only available if a Grid has been applied to the file being viewed.


Each line in a CSV file consists of multiple fields separated by a delimiter (typically a comma). Each field will contain the text in the corresponding grid column.


The following options can be set when exporting to a CSV file:



If nothing is specified in the Delimiter box, a comma will be used as the delimiter. If you want to specify another delimiter (eg, a vertical bar "|"), simply enter it here. Note that the delimiter can contain more than one character. If you want to use a TAB for the delimiter, enter "\x8" (without the quotes).



By default, V will only place quotes around a field if the field contains a delimiter. You can change this behavior by specifying one of the following:


Use Quote Always

Use Quotes only if field contains delimiter

Use Quotes only if field contains delimiter or spaces



Do not strip trailing spaces

By default, V will remove any trailing spaces from a field. Enable this options if you want the trailing spaces exported.


Do not export grid headings

V will export the grid headings to the first line of the CSV file. Enable this option if you do not want the headings exported.




Only the first 500 lines are exported if V is unregistered.