@FILECLOSE[n] : Closes the file whose handle is n. Returns 0 if the file was successfully closed, or -1 if an error occurred.


This function should only be used with file handles returned by @FILEOPEN!  If you use it with any other number you may damage other files opened by TCC (or by the program which started TCC).


See also the related handle-based functions:


@FILEOPENOpen a file handle
@FILEREADRead next line from a file handle
@FILESEEKMove a file handle pointer
@FILESEEKLMove a file handle pointer to a specified line
@FILEWRITEWrite next line to a file handle
@FILEWRITEBWrite data to a file handle
@TRUNCATETruncate the file at the current position of the file handle pointer.




set h=%@fileopen["d:\path\myfile.txt",write]

echo writing %@filewrite[%h,this is a test] bytes

echo closing handle #%h: %@fileclose[%h]