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Take Command / TCC Help v. 29

@FILETIME[filename[,[a|c|w[u]][,s]]] : Returns the time of day a file was last modified, in hh:mm format. Filename must be in quotes if it contains white space or special characters. The optional second parameter selects which time field is returned for files on an LFN drive: a means the last access time, c means the creation time, and w means the last modification (write) time, which is the default. Times are normally returned with hours and minutes only. To retrieve seconds as well, add s as the optional third parameter. On non-NTFS drives, the last access time is always returned as 00:00, and without a seconds field (see Time Stamp for additional details).


If you append a u to the second argument, @FILETIME will display the time in UTC.


@FILETIME supports HTTP & HTTPS filenames, for last write only. Wildcards are not supported (HTTP limitation).




echo %@filetime["D:\my path\myfile.exe"]



echo %@filetime["%comspec",c,s]