@INSERT[offset,string1,string2] : Inserts string1 into string2 starting at offset. The first offset in string2 is 0. If offset is greater than the length of string2, string1 will be appended to the end of string2. If offset is negative, its value is used to count backward form the end of string2 (but not past its beginning). Setting offset to -0 is the same as setting it to 0, i.e., string1 will precede string2 in the result. To include a comma in string1, precede it with your escape character.


Numeric input may be entered in either decimal format (a sequence of 0-9 digits) or in hexadecimal format ("0x" followed by a sequence of 0-F hex digits). To use hexadecimal form for a negative offset, remember to use 32-bit 2's complement arithmetic.








%@insert[8,very ,this is useful]

this is very useful

%@insert[255,^, very!,this is useful]

this is useful, very!

%@insert[-9,very ,this is useful]

this very is useful