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Take Command / TCC Help v. 29

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Copying text to the clipboard

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The selected text may be copied to the clipboard by either pressing Ctrl-C, by selecting Copy/Cut from the Edit menu (the right-click menu) or by clicking on the Clipboard toolbar button.


If you are displaying the file with line numbers, they will not usually be copied to the clipboard. If you would like the line numbers included, you have to enable the Include line numbers on copy to Clipboard option in the Preferences Dialog box.


Copying in Hex mode

In hex mode, the data to be copied to the clipboard depends on how the data is selected. If the data is selected by drawing the mouse over the right side of the display, then only the data bytes will be copied (nulls will be ignored).


If the data is selected by moving the mouse over the left side of the display, the actual hex representation of the data (including the hex address) will be copied.



The selected text will usually remain highlighted once it has been copied to the clipboard (or copied to a file). If you want the selection to be cleared once the selection has been copied, set the Unmark block after copy option in the File Options tab of the Preferences dialog box.

When selecting the left side of a view In Hex mode, only complete lines are copied to the clipboard, regardless of how much of the line is highlighted. Even if only one byte in a line is highlighted, the entire line (and address) is copied to the clipboard. (This does not apply when selecting the right side of the view)

The selected text may also be appended to the current clipboard contents by pressing the SHIFT key while doing the copy.