Tab Size

Specifies the tab length. If you don't want V to expand tabs, leave this field blank (or set it to 1).


Date Format

Specifies what format the date will be displayed throughout the program (including when printing).


Always Open as Text

When V opens a file, it tries to determine what kind of file it is. If it is a binary file (like a JPG or EXE file) it will display the file in HEX mode, otherwise it will open it in TEXT mode. Check this option if you always want the file to be opened in TEXT mode.


Start at End of File

If this is checked, V will start viewing from the end of the file instead of the beginning.


Wrap Lines to Screen

Usually, when displaying files in Text mode, V will not wrap any long lines - you will have to use the horizontal scroll bar to view lines longer than the width of the window. Check this option if you want V to wrap the lines to the width of the window. In this case there will be no horizontal scroll bar.


Wrap on Word Boundary

Usually when lines are wrapped they are wrapped at the exact position where the line would exceed the width of the window - even if it means splitting the line in the middle of a word. When this option is checked, the line is always wrapped at the end of a word.


Unmark block after copy

By enabling this option, any highlighted text will be cleared once it is copied to the clipboard (or saved to a file).


Do not restore file position

When V views a file that it has viewed before, it will restore the previous file position. Enable this option if you want V to always start viewing files from the beginning.


Hex offset in status bar

This causes the hex offset to be displayed in the status bar whenever the user clicks the mouse on a file position, while viewing a file in text mode. The hex code of the corresponding character is also displayed (in text mode only).


Display ALL hex codes

Replaces any dots (unprintable characters) on the right hand side of the hex dump with the corresponding symbol in the selected font.


Auto-sum columns

Enable this option if you want V to automatically display the sum when selecting columns.



Use Bold Cursor

V will use a bold cross-hair cursor when viewing a file.


Save File Tailing state

V always disables File Tailing on startup. Enable this option if you want the previous File Tailing state restored.


Save Bookmarks on Exit

By default, all bookmarks are cleared when V exits. Enable this option if you want the bookmarks saved so they will be available every time you view the file.


Closing File Window to behave like pressing ESC key

While viewing a file, pressing the upper right [x] button on the window causes V to exit. By enabling this option, V will now treat the [x] button like the ESC key. In particular, if you enable the "Browse in File View" option in the Keyboard tab of Preferences, V will return to the directory listing when pressing [x] instead of exiting.


Do not scroll current line marker when using scroll bars

If the window is scrolled using the scroll bars, the current line marker is moved so that it remains visible. Enable this option if you prefer the current line marker to stay where it is.


Always scroll window when using arrow keys

Pressing the Up/Down arrow keys moves the current line marker. The window is only scrolled when the line marker reaches the bottom (or top) of the window. Enable this option if you want the window to always scroll when you press the arrow keys.


Disable Page Down on Middle Mouse Button

While viewing a file, V treats the middle mouse button as a Page Down key. This can interfere with the behavior of some mice (like the IntelliMouse) that can use the middle button (or scroll wheel) for panning. You can disable the default V behavior by enabling this option.


Prompt before reloading modified file

V will automatically reload the file it is currently viewing if it has been modified by another program. Check this option if you want V to warn you before it does this.


Do not guess EBCDIC fixed record length (RECFM=F)

When V detects an EBCDIC file, it tries to determine if it contains fixed length records. However, it can sometimes incorrectly guess the record length. By enabling this option, V will not try to guess the format. Once the file is displayed, the user will have to select the EBCDIC Options and manually select the correct format.


Do not copy CR/LF to clipboard for wrapped (to screen) lines

When wrapping lines to the screen width, V will include a newline (CR/LF) at the screen wrap position whenever the lines are copied to the clipboard. Enable this option if you do not want to include a CR/LF at the screen wrap position. That is, a CR/LF will only be included at the very end of the line.