The selected text may be copied to a file by selecting Select Block->Write to File from the Edit menu or by selecting Mark Block->Write to File from the right-click menu.


Copying selected text to a file is similar to copying to the clipboard, however you are asked to specify a file name to copy the text to. If the file already exists, you have the option of appending to the file instead of over-writing it.


This feature makes it easy to extract several small portions from a large file and save them to a much smaller file (perhaps to be printed).


File Encoding


When saving text files, select the type of encoding from the "File Encoding" drop-down list box. The File Encoding will default to Unicode. The encoding should be set to ANSI/ASCII to save the text in the more common single-byte ASCII format.



Copying in Hex mode


Unlike copying to the clipboard, copying to a file in Hex mode does not copy the hex data as it is displayed, but as it is stored. That is, if you highlight 6 hex bytes and copy them to a file, the resulting file will contain exactly 6 bytes.