TCC Syntax


If enabled, the IDE will use the TCC syntax colorizer, and enable the extended TCC commands, variables, and functions. This is the default for .BTM files.


CMD Syntax


If enabled, the IDE will use the CMD syntax colorizer, and disable the extended TCC commands, variables, and functions. This is the default for .BAT and .CMD files.


Syntax Colors...


Select the colors used in the syntax colorization from a 16 million color palette. When you click on one of the foreground or background color buttons, The IDE will display a color picker dialog to let you choose colors.


Change History


If enabled, the editor will display document changes in the margin and in the text. In the text, inserted characters appear with colored underlines and points where characters were deleted are shown with small triangles. The margin shows a block indicating the overall state of the line. The states are modified (orange), saved (green), saved then reverted to modified (green-yellow), and saved then reverted to original (cyan). The change history can be toggled on or off with the "Options / Change History" menu entry.




Displays a font selection dialog. The font will be used in the edit windows and the Watch, Modified, Breakpoints, Environment, Batch Parameters, Aliases, and Functions tab windows.


Caret Color...


Set the caret color for the tab edit windows.




Toggles the batch file profiler timer on and off. When the Profiler is on, it will display the elapsed time in milliseconds for each command line in the margin immediately to the left of the command line.


Display Line Numbers


Display line numbers in the left margin.


Display Folding Margin


Toggles the code folding margin (the + indicator) on and off. Code folding supports command groups and (TCC only) DO, IFF, SWITCH, and TEXT.


Indentation Guides


Toggles the vertical lines at the current indent columns (this is useful for lining up code).


Always on Top


If enabled, forces the IDE window to be the top-most (i.e., always on top of other windows).


Change Directory


Change the current working directory for the IDE.




Select a predefined Visual Studio-style theme for the IDE. This will change the color and appearance of the IDE windows and borders.



VS 2005

VS 2008

VS 2010

VS 2012

VS 2012 Dark

VS 2015

VS 2015 Dark

VS 2015 Blue


VS2019 Dark

VS2019 Blue


VS2022 Dark

VS2022 Blue


Window Tabs...


Select the window tab location (top, bottom, left, or right).