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Take Command / TCC Help v. 25

These directives are effective only in the TCC LIST command. You can redefine the keys using the TCC OPTION / Keyboard dialog. The key directives are saved in the [Keys] section in TCMD.INI.


DirectiveDefault        Description


ListBackB        Return to the previous file.
ListClipboardCtrl-B        Copy the current filename to the clipboard.
ListContinueC        Continue with the next file.
ListDeleteDel        Delete the current file.
ListDownDown        Scroll down one row.
ListEditE        Edit the file with the editor associated with that filetype. If there is no association, LIST will use the editor defined in the Editor configuration option. If no editor is defined, LIST will use Notepad. If LIST is displaying a pipe, the contents are saved to the clipboard and the editor is started. (You will need to manually paste the clipboard contents.)
ListEndEnd        Go to the end of the file.
ListExitEsc        Exit the current file.
ListFindF        Prompt and search for a string or a sequence of hexadecimal values.
ListFindPreviousCtrl-N        Find previous matching string in the file.
ListFindRegexR        Prompt and search for a regular expression.
ListFindRegexReverse Ctrl-R        Search backwards for a regular expression.
ListFindReverseCtrl-F        Prompt and search for a string, searching backward from the end of the file.
ListGoto G        Display a dialog to jump to a specific line.
ListHelpF1        Display help for LIST.
ListHexX        Toggle the hex mode (/X) option.
ListHexSpaceS        Toggle display of nonprintable characters (space or .) when in hex mode.
ListHighBitH        Toggle the "strip high bit" (/H) option.
ListHomeHome        Go to the beginning of the file.
ListInfo I        Displays information about the current file.
ListLeftLeft        Scroll left one column.
ListNextN        Find next matching string.
ListNumberL        Number the lines.
ListOpenO        Display the "Open File" dialog.
ListPageLeft Ctrl-Left        Scroll left 40 columns.
ListPageRight Ctrl-Right        Scroll right 40 columns.
ListPgUpPgUp        Scroll up one page.
ListPgDnPgDn        Scroll down one page.
ListPreviousCtrl-B        Find the previous matching string
ListPrintP        Print all or part of the file (displays the Windows "Print" dialog).
ListRefreshF5        Refresh the display.
ListRightRight        Scroll right one column.
ListSave Ins        Save to a file.
ListTabSizeTab        Display a dialog to set the tab size.
ListUnicodeU        Toggle the Unicode display mode.
ListUpUp        Scroll up one row.
ListWrapW        Toggle the "line wrap" (/W) option.