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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28

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Adding/Deleting Keys

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To delete a shortcut key, simply select the key and press the Delete button. To assign a new shortcut to the command, click in the Add Shortcut Key box, enter the new key (or key combination) and press the Add button. Press the ESCape key to clear the Add Shortcut Key box.


When adding a new key, Shortcut Currently Used By will display any existing command that the key is already assigned to. You will have to delete this key from the existing command before you can assign it to the new command. Pressing the Goto button will take you to the menu command that is currently used by the key.


When adding or deleting a key, it will be added to (or deleted from) all available views unless Only Add to/Delete from current view is enabled.


For example, Ctrl+Enter displays the File Properties in the File, Directory and GREP views. By enabling Only Add to/Delete from current view, it is possible to only redefine Ctrl+Enter in the File View and maintain its existing functionality in the Directory and GREP views.