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Filename Completion Window

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You can view matching filenames in a filename completion window. To activate the window, press F7 or Ctrl-Tab at the command line. You will see a popup window, with a sorted list of files that match any partial filename you have entered on the command line. If you haven't yet entered a file name, the window will contain the name of all executable files (or files with an association; see ASSOC) in the current directory. You can search for a name by entering a string  (including wildcards or regular expressions) in the edit window on the title bar. TCC will remove non-matching lines from the window. See Popup Windows for details.


Filename Completion Window Keys:


F7 or Ctrl-Tab(from the command line)  Open the window.        
UpScroll the display up one line.        
DownScroll the display down one line.        
LeftScroll the display left 4 columns.        
RightScroll the display right 4 columns.        
PgUpScroll the display up one page.        
PgDnScroll the display down one page.        
HomeGo to the beginning of the list.        
EndGo to the end of the list.        
Enter or Double ClickInsert the selected filename into the command line.


Note: The keystrokes shown above are the default values. See Key Mapping Directives for details on how to assign different keystrokes.


See also: Filename Completion