V gives you several options when it comes to displaying/printing line numbers alongside the file data.


Display Line Numbers

Check this option if you want V to prefix each line displayed with its corresponding line number. Line numbers always begin at 1.


Display Line Number 1

When an increment is specified, the first line in the file (line 1) will usually not be numbered. Check this option if you want the line number displayed on the first line.


Line Number Increment

This tells V how often to display line numbers. For example, if the increment was 10, the line number would be displayed every 10 lines (lines 10, 20, 30, ...). If the increment is left blank (or set to 1), every line will be numbered.


Pad with zero (instead of space)

The line numbers are always a fixed length, depending on the size of the file. For example, if the file has 199 lines, the line numbers would contain 3 digits. Usually V will pad unused digits of the line numbers with spaces. Check this option if you want zeroes used instead. In this case V will display "001" instead of "  1".


Reset Line Numbers on New Page (if paginated)

If the file is paginated, enabling this option will reset the line number to 1 at the start of each page.


Include line numbers on Copy to Clipboard

Enable this option if you also want the line number(s) included when you copy selected text to the clipboard.


Printing Line Numbers


The above options also apply when printing a file, however they must be specified separately as they may differ from the display options. For example,  you may want to display line numbers but not print them.


The option to enable line numbers when printing is not found in this dialog box, but on the main Print Dialog Box.


Two extra line number options exist when printing files.


Print First Line in Page

Check this to print the line number for the first line in each page.


Print Last Line in Page

Check this to print the line number for the last line in each page.




These options only apply to Text mode. In Hex mode, the hex address is always displayed/printed.