When the Print command is selected, the Print Dialog Box will appear (which is different from the standard Windows Print Dialog Box). The following options may be specified:



The name of the printer to send the file to. All available printers will be listed in the drop-down list box.


Header & Footer

Check the appropriate box to print a header and/or footer. The text for the header/footer is entered in the corresponding edit box. A history of the previous 10 headers is maintained making it easy to select commonly used headers. Click here for a description of the Headers and Footers formats. If a header/footer is enabled, but no text entered in the edit box, the default header/footer is printed.


Override Page Length

This option is used if you want your page size to have a certain length (in lines). Click here for further explanation.



The number of copies that you want printed.


Printer Font

This button will display the font that V will use for printing. Click here for more details.



This allows you to save all current settings in a Printer Profile or to restore the settings in a profile. Click here for further details.



Specifies that you want the document printed in 2UP Mode.


Hex Mode

This option can only be set if the print was initiated from the Directory View and specifies if the file is to be printed in Hex mode. If the print was initiated from the File View, this option would be disabled and would indicate the mode in which the file was being viewed.


Vertical Hex Mode

Prints the file in Vertical Hex Mode



Apply Greenbar to the printed text.


Print Line Numbers

Specifies whether line numbers will be printed with the file. Various options regarding the printed line numbers are set in the Line Numbers  tab of the Preferences Dialog box. Note that the format of the printed line numbers can differ from that of the displayed line numbers.


Print End of Line

Enable this option if you want an End Of Line (EOL) indicator printed at the end of every line. The character that is used for the indicator depends on the font used and can be specified in the Fonts tab of the Preferences dialog box.


Duplex (long edge) / Duplex (short edge)


If your printer supports duplexing (double sided printing), you may also specify if you want to enable short/long edge binding. Note that the duplex options are always enabled - even if

your printer does not support duplexing.


Wrap Long Lines

Click here for an explanation of line wrapping.


Form Feeds

This determines how Form Feeds will be handled. Click here for an explanation.



Set the size (in inches) of the top, bottom, left and right margins. Click here for further details.



Specifies if the file is printed in Portrait or Landscape mode. Note that this option is ignored if the file is to be printed in 2UP mode (which is always printed in Landscape).


Page #

Select the pages you want printed. Click here for further details.


Line #

Select the lines you want printed. Click here for further details.



This lets you select if you want all pages printed or just the odd/even numbered pages (which makes double sided printing possible).



The Setup button is used to configure the selected printer. The Print Setup command from the File Menu can be used to configure the default printer.



Click here for further details.





It is always a good idea to do a Preview before printing - especially if the printout is going to be large.


Greenbar may not always preview correctly - but it should print correctly.


Unregistered versions of V have the following restrictions:


Header/Footer history is not saved

A ruler may not be printed as a header/footer

A fixed footer is always printed