Enable File Chunks

This indicates that V will display large files a chunk at a time, instead of reading the entire file. This greatly reduces the time taken for V to load a file.


Chunk Size

This is the size of the file chunk (in Kb). When File Chunks are enabled, V will only load this much of the file, regardless of how large the file is. The default chunk size is 8192 (ie, 8 Mb). Click here for more details on File Chunks.


Enable Smooth Scrolling

Enables "smooth" scrolling. Note that this is different from the "smooth scrolling" that programs like Internet Explorer support.


Smooth Delay

Typically a number between 50 and 200 (depending on the speed of your system). Click here for further details on Smooth Scrolling.


Enable MRU File List

Enable this option if you want V to keep a history of the Most Recently Used (MRU) viewed files.

These files will be listed on the Recent Files menu. You may also specify the number of files to remember (up to 50).


Word Sets


You may define your own wordsets which determine what is highlighted when you double-click and shift-double-click on a word. Click here for further details.