A Printer Profile is a collection of printer settings (header, footer, font, margins, orientation, etc).


To save the current printer settings in a profile, click on the Profile button and select Save in New Profile. You will then be asked to enter a profile name. This name will appear in the Profile drop-down list box in the Print dialog box.


When a profile is selected from this list box, all the printer settings stored in the profile will be restored.


Once a profile has been selected, any settings changes will not automatically be saved back to the profile. You will need to do this manually by clicking on the Profile button and selecting Save in Current Profile.


When a profile has been modified (without being saved), the Profile list box will display "Profile Name (Modified)" to indicate that the current settings are different from the saved profile. Note that this will not happen as soon as the options are modified - but the next time the Print dialog box is displayed.


Default Profile


A default profile can be defined by clicking on the Profile button and selecting Set as Default Profile.


Defining a default profile allows the user to revert to the default profile settings whenever V is started or after a specified number of minutes from the last print. To configure this, click on the Profile button and select Default Profile Options.




Profiles cannot be used to save Text Only options


Profiles are stored as .vprofile files in the user's Application Data folder - usually in:


  C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\V\Profiles\