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Headers and Footers

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User defined headers and footers can be printed on every page. Headers (and footers) each consist of 3 sections - left, center and right, which are left justified, centered and right justified, respectively. To specify a header, you enter each of these 3 sections, separated by a semi-colon. That is - "left;center;right" (do not include the quotes).


Each of these sections can contain plain text, special format specifiers or can be empty. The format specifiers consist of a percent (%) followed by one character, and are expanded upon printing. The valid specifiers are as follows (note that case is important):



Name of the current file (name only)


Full Path Name of current file


Current Date


Directory Name (ie, %F without the file name)


File Date


Current Time (24 hour format)


Current Time (12 hour format)


File Time (24 hour format)


File Time (12 hour format)


Current Page Number


Total pages to be printed


Print the Ruler


Print the Gridlines


If you want to use a "%" or ";" in the header text - prefix them with a "%". That is, use "%%" and "%;" respectively.


Examples: (once again, do not enter the quotes)


"%f;;Page %d"

Print the file name on the left and page number on the right


Just print the page number (with no text) in the center


Prints an empty header/footer


If the header/footer field is left blank, it defaults to "%f;%d %t;Page %p". That is, it prints the file name on the left, the date and time in the center, and the Page number on the right.




The ruler and gridlines cannot be combined with any other specifier (only each other). For example, you cannot combine the ruler with a page number. If "%r" is specified, then anything else that may be entered in the header/footer is ignored (with the exception of %g).

If both a ruler and a grid are specified ("%r %g" or "%g %r"), the grid will always be displayed after the ruler if printed as a header, and before the ruler if printed as a footer.

The ruler specifier will be ignored unless V has been registered.