If a line is too long to fit on the printed page, you can have it wrap to the beginning of the next line by checking the Wrap Long Lines option.


You must then select the type of wrapping from the adjacent list box. This can be one of:


Right Margin

In this case, the text is wrapped whenever a line reaches the right margin.



Select this option to have the text wrapped at a specified column position (which you enter in the adjacent box).


New Page

When this is selected, long lines are wrapped onto a new page. For example, if a page is 100 characters wide, a line of 300 characters will span 3 pages. That is, the first 100 characters will be printed on the first page, the second 100 on the next and the third 100 on the next.





If  this option is not enabled, any long lines will be truncated.

If you select column wrapping and the column length is too long to fit on the page, the lines will be truncated.