Purpose:Display a list of internal and plugin commands, or prompt for a command


Format:? ["prompt" command]




The ? command has two separate meanings:


1. When you use the ? command by itself,  it displays a list of internal and plugin commands. For help with any individual command, see the HELP command. If you have disabled a command with SETDOS /I, it will not appear in the list.


2. The second function of ? is to prompt the user before executing a specific command line. If you add a prompt and a command, ? will display the prompt followed by (Y/N)? and wait for the user's response. If the user presses Y or y, the command line will be executed. If the user presses N or n, it will be ignored.




? "Load the network" call netstart.btm


When this command is executed, you will see the prompt


Load the network (Y/N)?


If you answer Y, the CALL command will be executed: