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Purpose:Record and play back mouse & keyboard input


Format:RECORDER [/C /K /L:n /M /P /R filename /S /W filename]


/C(lear)/R(ead macro from file)
/K(eyboard only)/S(ave macro to file)
/L:n (loop)/W(ait)
/M (record)/X (stop)

/P(lay macro)




RECORDER is a command-line interface to the Take Command macro recorder. The macro recorder will record and play back keystrokes and mouse actions; you can control the macro recorder several ways:


1.Win-F11 - Start / stop macro recording

2.Win-F12 - Start / stop macro playback

3.Record & Playback buttons on the Quick Access toolbar

4.Record & Playback buttons on the Take Command Tools menu

5.The RECORDER command


When the macro recorder is running, the buttons on the Quick Access toolbar and the Take Command Tools menu will be highlighted. Take Command will also display macro recording or macro playback in an OSD window on the bottom right corner of the display.


RECORDER will only work in a Take Command tab window. It will not work in a detached TCC window or a stand-alone TCC session.




/CClear the macro queue


/KKeyboard events only (ignore mouse events)


/L:nPlay back the current macro n times


/MStart recording a macro


/PPlay back the current macro


/R nameLoad a macro file (previously saved with /S)


/S nameSave the current macro recording to a file


/WWait for the macro playback to finish


/XStop recording or playing