Purpose:Delete files in the recycle bin or display the recycle bin status


Format:RECYCLE [/D /E /Q /P] [drives ...]


drivesLocal fixed and removable (non CD-ROM / DVD) drives


/E (no error messages)/Q(uiet)




If you don't specify any drives, RECYCLE will display the recycle bin status, or if /D is specified delete everything in the recycle bin for all local drives.


RECYCLE will empty the recycle bin for an entire drive; there is no way to specify individual files.




/DEmpty the recycle bin for the specified drive(s).


/ESuppress all non-fatal error messages, such as "File Not Found."  Fatal error messages, such as "Drive not ready," will still be displayed. This option is most useful in batch files.


/PPrompt the user to confirm each delete operation (at least one drive must be specified).


/QDon't display the name of the recycle bin(s). This option is most often used in batch files.