Pressing the Options button in the Find dialog box will allow you to modify several search options.


Find Next from Current Position

The Find Next (or Previous) command will find the string immediately after (or before) the last string found - even if you have changed the file position. Enable this option to commence the search from the current file position (instead of the previous match).


Find Next from next line

By enabling this, V will ignore the rest of the line when doing a "Find Next" and will begin searching from the start of the next line.


Wrap to Start

By enabling this, V will continue searching from the start of the file once the end of the file is reached.


Do not center found text

This causes found text to always be displayed on the top line of the window - instead of being centered.


Do not center found text if it is already on screen

By enabling this option, if the string you are searching for is already visible, the window will not be scrolled when the string is highlighted.


Only "beep" if search fails

Enabling this will stop V displaying a "String not Found" message when no match is found.

Instead, a short beep will sound.


Always Start Ctrl-F search from the beginning

By default, pressing Ctrl-F (or starting a search) will start the search from the current position. Enabling this option will cause the search to always start from the beginning of the file.


Allow hex characters in text search string

This enable the use of the \x prefix to indicate a hex character when entering text strings.


Disable "Match Case Toggling" (using the \ key)

This disables Match Case Toggling. That is, the \ key behaves just like the / key.