Declined dir /w column distance

Jun 24, 2008
Siegen, Germany
I would like to be able to set the distance between the columns displayed with "dir" using the "/w" option (or gladly accept a smaller default). The current default (5) produces too much "overhead".

What about an option to "dir" that works like Linux's "ls -m", i.e. output all names with just one space in between (not creating any column structure)?

Background: I often use "dir /w" to display "big" directories.
I have c:\cygwin\bin on my path, and I can do an ls -m from tcc which provides the desired results.

I have not had (so far) any problems using the Cygwin commands with tcc, whether at the prompt, or in .BTM files.

While not the tcc dir solution you are looking for, this is an alternative option.