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Effect when Variable contains String with Clips

I have use follow Construct in Script and i am wonder over the Result.

MD C:\TestDir
CDD C:\TestDir
SET Var=(Teststring)
ECHO %Var >"%TEMP%\Test.dat"
TCC: (Sys) the System cant found this Path

Variables Resolution is in this Restline deactivated !
The Effect is only when i use quotes in Filenames.
Does "C:\TestDir\%TEMP%" exist? Redirection (>) will not create it.
Redirection File not created.
I wanted in the real Script optional add Comments in Clips to a exist Text-File per Redirect ">>". With the same Result.
I don't see that.


TCC  30.00.22 x64   Windows 10 [Version 10.0.19041.1415]

C:\>md c:\TestDir

C:\>cdd c:\TestDir

C:\TestDir>set Var=(TestString)

C:\TestDir>echo %Var > "%temp%\Test.dat"

C:\TestDir>dir "%temp\test.dat"

 Volume in drive C is Windows      Serial number is 966f:a693
 Directory of  C:\Users\cdye\AppData\Local\Temp\test.dat

 7/06/2023   8:15              14  Test.dat
                  14 bytes in 1 file and 0 dirs    4,096 bytes allocated
     410,290,950,144 bytes free

C:\TestDir>type "%temp\test.dat"

I can reproduce this in TCC/LE. GermanDirk, are you perhaps using a very old version of TCC?
So i have checked on VM, this Error come on Version 21, but on Version 29 and later not.
Thank you for the Tip !

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