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Upgrade Windows 10's effect on TCMD and TCC

Seven sentences of history for clarification: I switched from a desktop to a laptop some time back. THEN I killed that laptop -- it didn't like being doused in water. Then I borrowed my grandson's laptop in order to keep computing and thereby stay sane. Now, I just bought a new laptop, so all others of prior existence are fading into the sunset. Through it all Rex and company have graciously allowed my registration jitterbugs. And NOW, I purchased a new copy of Win-10 Pro (another long story), but when it was delivered by BestBuy, the registration 't work and Microsoft said the number was no good and to get another. So THAT is in process now.

So, my question is, if I uninstall TCMD et al from my grandson's laptop, will that reset my registration count so that I can register on my so new laptop when I get and install my copy of W-10 that has a valid ID?
Rex, OK, that, (for once today!) worked exactly as described, Thanks so much! So now I have NO registered copies of TCMD et all and can register it on the new laptop?

And then, when the new DVD for Win-10 Pro gets here, will I need to un install before upgrading and then re-install?

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