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Done Enhanced date and time range specifications

1/ Allow specifying date / time ranges in UTC, easily specified in the form /[du2011-01-01]. This syntax would be backward compatible.

2/ Enhanced date range relative to age of reference file
It is now possible to specify a date range which begins (or ends) with that of a specific file, e.g., /[d%@fileage[reference_file]]. However, this range always INCLUDES the reference file, allowing only to specify "all files older (or newer) than or the same age as reference_file" . It would desirable to be able to make this endpoint EXCLUDED from the range, i.e., to be able to specify "all files older (or newer) than reference_file". I could do it with the convoluted syntax below (all files on NTFS drive):
but this is very complex, and not necessarily portable when more than one type of file system is involved.

3/ In HELP topic dateranges.htm change the example of "files older than" to use the new range negation to /![d-3]

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