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Enhanced Plugin SDK


Staff member
Enhanced Plugin SDK

In PowerShell ISE I can write a WPF control, have it extend a particular interface (IAddOnToolHostObject) and register the dll at startup with the shell to add my own new rippable window to the shell.

I can also use the object that comes with that interface to access the current shells text and output and expose new commandlets that can interact with my new window.

This allows from some pretty powerful extensions to the environment.

I can for instance add a command that lets me pipe text output to my visualization window that can do interesting things with it, for instance filtering for build errors and displaying a visual studio like error summary complete with click to open at file and line number functionality. Because it is built into my shell manager I can bind it nicely to keyboard shortcuts, manage it's visibility easily etc. I can filter grep output in my window to let me scrub through the output easily, search it, and even select to open at file and line number right from my shell. Very powerful concepts all made possible by a plugin mechanism that allows plugins to add on their own tab windows and interoperate with the shell in interesting ways.

Anonymous on April 25, 2015 01:04

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