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Help for newest version of TEXTUTILS plugin

Attempting to invoke help with
or with (e.g.)
help replacement
or by typing an item name and hitting F1 results in
an error box
Web Browser                                                                                          ×
    Unable to download 
Unable to open this Internet site.  The requested site is either
unavailable or cannot be found.  Please try again later.

Invoking the help by "running" the TextUtils.chm file works correctly.

Any clue?
It works for me. Which OS, and what version of TCC? Anybody else seeing this?
Oops. Of course that info would be useful.

TCC 17.00.77 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
Web browser is Firefox 44.0.2
If you set an environment variable PLUGINHELP to the directory containing the .CHM file, does it start working?
Okay, I've managed to reproduce this issue.

It seems that on some versions of Windows, updating Internet Explorer past a certain point breaks the documented HtmlHelp() API. Not sure why this happens on some systems and not on others; it might be an x64-only issue. I assume you're seeing the same problem with some of my other plugins which also include a .CHM doc file?

I've put up a new build of TextUtils which launches HH.EXE directly, instead of calling HtmlHelp() as sweet reason would suggest. I'm guessing that Rex is doing the same thing nowadays to avoid this issue ...?
I deinstalled KB3093983, and that didn't help, but the new version of Textutils posted today works well. Thanks.
Yes, I had to do that last year. Nobody believed me at the time ... :-)

I see that issuing multiple HELP commands creates multiple instances of HH.EXE. Ick! Thanks, Microsoft.

So I'm hanging on to the process handle returned by CreateProcess(), so I can close it the next time I launch help. It looks kind of like a single instance, if you're not paying close attention.