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UISTUFF plugin missing help topic

Charles Dye,

The UISTUFF.CHM file for version 0.71.0 is missing the documentation for SHELLVERB.
Actually, there is a page for SHELLVERB; it just wasn't in the table of contents. Easy fix. I've uploaded a zip file with an updated .CHM.
Thanks. It still doesn't work, but fails differently.

results in an error window
Web Browser                                                                                          ×
. . / : Unable to download .
Unable to open this Internet site.  The requested site is either
unavailable or cannot be found.  Please try again later.

Other verbs in the UISTUFF plugin work correctly with help.
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I'm afraid I can't reproduce that. It works as expected here (Windows 7 x86).
Hmm. I'm running Win-7 x64. Oh well, it's a minor issue; I can get to the help page without using F1. Using UISTUFFHELP SHELLVERB works.
Thanks for the assistance.
Looks like TEA-Time has traced his issue back to KB3093983; do you have that one installed on your system?
So what exactly is going on? Why did it affect only TCMD.CHM and Charles's CHM? How do you get around it without uninstalling the patch? ANd why can't I find others complaining about it?
I sure don't know why I get the error. How do I know whether KB3093983 is installed on my system?
I'm having trouble only with looking up that one command SHELLVERB; the other commands in UISTUFF work correctly.
I don't expect to be needing the help on SHELLVERB in the near future, so I'm not really hot to spend a lot of time trying to isolate the problem on my system. Yes, I'm being selfish on this.
However, if someone points me to something specific to try, I'll cooperate.
I'm not recommending uninstalling KB3093983 to fix this. I was just determining that installing it breaks help, and uninstalling it allows help to work again. Uninstalling it would definitely bring back any IE exploits it fixes. Sadly it's not uncommon for Microsoft to introduce more bugs in updates. Hopefully they'll update this update at some point soon.

Interestingly, I looked on my Win10 machine and an update with that knowledge base number is not installed. In fact, its not showing that any update to IE has been installed. :-\ With how sneaky and pigheaded Microsoft is being about everything in Win10, it wouldn't surprise me at all if that update was buried in some other update.

To see if any update is installed, go into Programs and Features and click View installed updates on the left and then stick the KB number into the search field in the upper right.

My guess on why there isn't much talk about it yet is that it's only been a week since that update was released, there probably aren't that many people that run 64-bit console programs that invoke help like that, and the ones that do probably don't go into help that often, like me. I only checked it because of the thread about it.

Does anyone know of another 64-bit console program that has HTML help that's actually invoked by it?
Okay, so I found how to look for an update in another thread, and I've discovered that KB3093983 is NOT installed on my system. Yet the problem still happens.
Okay, so I found how to look for an update in another thread, and I've discovered that KB3093983 is NOT installed on my system. Yet the problem still happens.
I don't why I didn't think of this before: I rebooted my system. Now everything works right.

(Well, I mean everything related to this issue -- it didn't magically fix everything wrong with Windows!)

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