Purpose:Compress and encrypt batch files. See Batch File Compression for additional details.


Format:BATCOMP [/O /Q] InputFile OutputFile


A file to compress and/or encrypt.


A file to hold the output from the command





File Selection


The input file must be specified explicitly (no wildcards).




BATCOMP is a batch file compressor and optionally allows for simple key-based encryption.


If you do not specify an extension for OutputFile, it defaults to BTM. If OutputFile already exists it will not be overwritten unless /O is used.


The output BTM file will not be legible, but it will run under TCC. The behavior and performance of the file should be the same as if it were run in its original source form as a .BTM file.


Compression is not effective for very small files and may even result in a  larger file.




/OForces overwriting of an existing OutputFile.


/QSuppresses all progress reports (stdout). Errors (stderr) are still shown.