Up to 10 bookmarks (numbered from 0 to 9) may be set by either selecting the appropriate bookmark number from the Edit->Bookmark->Set Numbered menu, or by pressing Alt-0 to Alt-9 (for bookmarks 0 to 9 respectively). Bookmarked lines are displayed in a different color.


Once a numbered bookmark has been set, it may be restored by selecting it from the Edit->Bookmark-> Goto Numbered menu. Alternatively, it may be restored by pressing Ctrl-0 to Ctrl 9.


Numbered bookmarks are global. That is, you can save a bookmark in one file and restore it while you are viewing another file.





Numbered bookmarks not only save the current file position, but they also save the current file mode (ie, text or hex).


Unlike traditional bookmarks, numbered bookmarks can not saved when you exit V. That is, every time you start V, all numbered bookmarks will be cleared. If you want to save a numbered bookmark, you should use Favorites and assign a shortcut key to the Favorite created..