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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28


Bookmarking allows you to remember the current file position so that you can easily return to it.


V implements two types of bookmarking - numbered and traditional.


Numbered bookmarking allows you to create up to 10 bookmarks (numbered from 0 to 9). Click here for further details.


Traditional bookmarking allows you to bookmark a line by pressing Ctrl+F2. Pressing Ctrl+F2 again will clear the bookmark. Unlike numbered bookmarks, there is no limit to the number of traditional bookmarks you can have.


Bookmarked lines will be displayed in a different color. When multiple lines have been bookmarked, pressing F2 will take you to the next bookmark in the file and pressing Shift+F2 will take you to the previous bookmark in the file. All bookmarks in the file can be cleared by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F2 or by selecting Bookmarks->Clear All Bookmarks from the Edit menu.



Search and Bookmark


The Search dialog box contains a Bookmark button. Pressing this button will bookmark all lines that contain the search string. If you are using the Search Bar, you can right-click on the Find Next button (down arrow) to bookmark lines containing the search string. The number of bookmarked lines will be displayed in the status bar.


All bookmarked lines can be copied to the clipboard by selecting Copy Bookmarked Lines from the Bookmarks submenu of the Edit menu. All bookmarked lines can be saved to a file by selecting Save Bookmarked Lines from the same submenu.


By default, V will clear all bookmarks when it exits. If you want the bookmarks saved so they will be available every time you view the file, enable Save Bookmarks on Exit in the File Options tab of Preferences.






The color of the bookmarked lines can be changed by selecting Customize Colors from the View menu.