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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28


V will try to "guess" if an EBCDIC file contains fixed length records (RECFM=F) and will try to guess the fixed record length.


However, it may sometimes get the record length wrong - requiring the user to select the EBCDIC Options and enter the correct record length.


If you do not want V to guess the record length, you can enable Do not guess EBCDIC fixed record length (RECFM=F) in the File Options tab of Preferences.


If this is enabled, all fixed record length files will be displayed as Carriage Return Delimited files. To display as fixed record length files, you will need to:


1.Select EBCDIC Options from the View menu (or click on EBC in the status bar)

2.Disable the No Formatting option

3.Enable RECFM=F

4.Enter the correct record length in LRECL


Use Wrap To Length


Alternatively, you can make use of the Wrap To Length command to display the file without having to specify RECFM=F.


You can enable Wrap To Length in one of 3 ways:


1.By pressing the Wrap To Length icon on the toolbar

2.By selecting Wrap->Wrap To Length from the View menu

3.By pressing Alt+L


You will also need to specify the record length by selecting Wrap->Set Wrap Length from the View menu (or pressing Ctrl+W). V will remember the last wrap length used, so you will only need to set it if it has changed.


The disadvantage of using Wrap To Length to display RECFM=F files is that all files subsequently viewed will be wrapped to this length. That is, if they contain lines that are longer than the wrap length, they will be wrapped. You will need to remember to disable Wrap To Length after you have finished viewing the fixed record length file.