Purpose:Enumerate the servers on the network


Format:ENUMSERVERS [/Domain=domain /P[n] /Type=xxx] server ...


serverThe machine name to match







The optional server name may contain wildcards, including regular expressions.




/DomainThe NetBIOS name of the domain to enumerate. If you do not specify a domain, ENUMSERVERS will use the primary domain.


/P[n]Pause after each page. Your options at the prompt are explained in detail under Page and File Prompts. The /P option has an optional argument n that specifies the number of seconds to wait for a keystroke before continuing.


/TypeReturn only servers of this type. If you do not specify /Type, TCC will return all servers.  Other possible types are:


WORKSTATION - All workstations

SQLSERVER - Any server running Microsoft SQL Server

DOMAIN - Primary domain controller

DOMAINBACKUP - Backup domain controller

DOMAIN_ENUM - Primary domain

LOCAL - Servers maintained by the browser

AFP - Apple File Protocol servers

TIME - Servers running the Timesource service

PRINTQ - Server sharing print queue

TERMINAL - Terminal Servers

CLUSTER - Server clusters in the domain

VSCLUSTER - Cluster virtual servers in the domain

MASTER - Server running the master browser service