To create a Grid, select Edit/Create Grid from the GridLines menu. This will display a blank Grid. After making the necessary modifications, you need to save the Grid before exiting.


To make modifications, right-click on the Grid and select the desired option. The following options are available:


Add Grid Line Here

Right-click at the position where you want to add a Grid Line and select this option. You can then use "Edit Column Name" to give the column a meaningful name. If you place the Grid Line at the incorrect position, you can simply left-click on the end of the column and drag it to the required position.


Note that you can also add a Grid Line by Shift-Left-Clicking at the required position.


Edit Column Name

Right-click on the appropriate column, then enter the column name (followed by the Enter key). You can leave the column name unchanged by pressing the ESCape key.


Edit Column Length

Right-click on the column and enter the new length. In most cases it would be easier to set the column length by simply left-clicking on the end of the column and dragging to the desired position.


Select Font

This lets you specify the Font to display the Column names. Note that all columns are displayed using the same font.


Insert Column

This always inserts a column of 10 characters just before the column that you right-click on. You can then drag the new column to the required position. In most cases, it would be easier to use "Add Grid Line Here".


Delete Column

Deletes the column that you right-click on.


Hide Grid Lines

This specifies that the vertical Grid Lines will not be drawn over the file. Only the Grid header will be displayed.


Center Column Names

The column names will be centered instead of starting at the left.


Set Wrap Options

This allows fixed length record files to automatically wrap to the correct record length when a Grid is loaded. Click here for further details.



This saves the Grid.  If you are saving a newly created Grid (instead of an edited Grid), the Organize Grid dialog will be displayed, allowing you to enter a name for the Grid. This name will appear on the GridLines menu.


Save As

This lets you save the edited Grid with a new name. The Grid originally loaded will not be modified.



This lets you export the Grid to a .vgrid file. Click here for further details.

Note that exported Grids do not appear on the GridLines menu. If you want the Grid to also appear on the GridLines menu, you will have select Organize/Configure from the GridLines menu and then import the Grid.


Set Export Data

This lets you specify additional data that will be exported to the .vgrid file.

Click here for further details.


Close Menu

Select this if you do not want to make a selection from the right-click menu.


Exit Edit Mode

Terminates the Grid edit. If you have not saved a modified Grid, you will be asked if you want to save it before exiting.




You can also maintain Grids by selecting Organize/Configure from the GridLines menu.


You can only create/edit a grid while you are viewing a file.


Unregistered versions of V cannot save grids that have more than 3 columns.