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Take Command / TCC Help v. 28

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Wrap Options

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When viewing files with fixed length records (and no line terminator), you need to manually enter the correct record length (or wrap length) for the file to be displayed correctly.


By entering the Wrap Options for a Grid, the file will be automatically wrapped to the specified record length when the Grid is loaded.


To enter the Wrap Options while creating/editing a Grid, right-click on the Grid header and select Set Wrap Options. The wrap options consist of the following:


Wrap Lines at Column

This is length at which all lines will be wrapped (ie, the record length).


Restore wrap settings when Grid is removed

By default, V will maintain the current wrap settings when the Grid is removed - even when you view a different file. If the wrap options do not apply to this file, you will need to disable (or change) them.


By enabling this option, V assumes that the wrap options only apply to the file being viewed and will restore the original wrap settings when the Grid is removed (or the file is closed).