Select Organize/Configure from the GridLines menu if you want to re-organize your Grids.


Note that the easiest way of creating a Grid is to select Create Grid from the GridLines menu. The easiest way of modifying a Grid is to first load it, and then to select Edit Grid from the GridLines menu.


Using the Organize option to modify a Grid does not give you visual feedback as you are making the changes. You will need to exit the Organize dialog before any Grid modifications are displayed.


Organize/Configure is best used to make minor changes to the Grid, or to re-organize the Grids on the GridLines menu.


Organizing Grids is very similar to Organizing Favorites. See the Creating Grids section for an explanation of the various options in the Organize dialog box. When organizing the grids, a shortcut key can be assigned so that the grid is selected whenever the corresponding keyboard shortcut is entered.


You can copy a Grid from another user by first exporting the Grid and then importing it.