Part of the power of Take Command is its flexibility, in allowing you to alter its configuration to match your style of computing. Take Command's configuration is controlled through a file of initialization information.


See Locating the .INI files below to find out how Take Command locates its TCMD.INI file.


Modifying the TCMD.INI File


You can create, add to, and modify the TCMD.INI file with the Configure Take Command selection on the Options menu, or (for the TCC-specific sections) with the configuration dialog, available via the OPTION command.


Most of the changes you make in the configuration dialog take effect immediately. A few (e.g., startup tabs and buffer size) only take effect when you start a new Take Command session. See the online help for each individual dialog page if you are not sure when a change will take effect.


Take Command reads its TCMD.INI file (see Locating the .INI file) when it starts, and configures itself accordingly. The .INI file is not reread when you change it manually. For manual changes to take effect, you must restart Take Command.


Each item that you can include in the .INI file has a default value. You only need to include entries in the file for settings that you want to change from their default values.


Using the TCMD.INI File


Some settings in the .INI file are initialized when you install Take Command; others are modified as you use and when you exit Take Command.


You can optionally include environment variables in the TCMD.INI [4NT] and [TCMD] sections; they will be expanded when TCMD.INI is loaded. If you want to delay expansion until command execution time (for example, with ColorDir) you will need to double the %'s.


Locating the TCMD.INI File


When starting Take Command or a Take Command Console (TCC) shell:


OnestepIf there is an @d:\path\inifile option on the startup command line, Take Command will use the path and file name specified there.


OnestepOtherwise, the default TCMD.INI file name is used, and the search starts in the directory where the Take Command program file is stored. If the .INI file is not found, Take Command will look in the "%PROGRAMDATA%\JP Software\Take Command 28" directory, and finally in the %LOCALAPPDATA% directory.


If no .INI file is found, all options are set to their default values. A new .INI file will be created, using the default location and name, as explained above.


TCMD.INI File Sections


The TCMD.INI file has a number of sections. Each section is identified by the section name in square brackets on a line by itself. Take Command stores the user-defined options in [TakeCommand]; TCC stores its user-defined options in [4NT].