Take Command

Opens a dialog which you can use to change the Take Command configuration.



Opens a dialog which you can use to change the TCC configuration. This dialog does not affect any existing TCC windows, only new ones. If you want to change the configuration of an active TCC window, use the TCC OPTION command.


Tabbed Toolbar

Create a new toolbar button or tab, or save or reload the toolbar settings in TCMD.INI.


Change Directory

Change the current directory for Take Command (not the apps running in the tab windows). Take Command normally inherits its current directory from the app that started it (or the shortcut).



Select a predefined theme for Take Command. This will change the color and appearance of the Take Command window and its components (such as the tab window labels). You can also change the default font size.


The available styles are:


Office 2007 Blue

Office 2007 Silver

Office 2007 Black

Office 2007 Aqua

Office 2007 System

Office 2010 Blue

Office 2010 Silver

Office 2010 Black

Office 2013 System

Office 2013 Light

Office 2013 Dark

Office 2016 White

Office 2016 Colorful

Office 2016 Gray

Office 2016 Black

Windows 7

Windows 10 Light

Windows 10 Dark