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Take Command / TCC Help v. 29


The ruler makes it easy to determine the position of a particular character - you will no longer leave finger prints on your monitor as you count!


The ruler is displayed at the top of the File View and its format depends on the mode of the view.


Text Ruler




If the view is in Text mode, the ruler consists of a sequence of incrementing numbers (starting at 1) which indicate the column number of the character below. In this case, the length of the ruler is determined by the length of the longest line in the file.


Hex Ruler




If the view is in Hex mode, the ruler always consists of 16 hex offsets (from 00 to 0F) which indicate the offset from the start of the line of the corresponding hex bytes displayed below.


Floating the Ruler

The ruler may be dragged over any part of the file. The floating ruler may be removed by either double-clicking on it or by dragging it back to the top.


Starting Column

The ruler numbering usually starts at 1. To start from 0, right-click on the ruler with the Control key pressed and select the required option. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Alt+R to toggle the starting column.


Multiple Rulers

Up to 10 floating rulers may be displayed while viewing a file. To create a new ruler simply drag it from the top (fixed) ruler. To close a ruler, double click on it. To close all rulers (but to remember their position), double click on the fixed ruler. To redisplay the floating rulers in their last position, double click again on the fixed ruler.


Displaying Grid Lines

Right-clicking (or shift-clicking) on the ruler will cause a vertical grid line to be drawn at the clicked column position. The grid line will disappear once the button is released.


The color of the grid line can be customized in the File View section of Customize Colors (selected from the View menu).




In Text mode, the ruler can be shifted by one character to the right (ie, the first column will be treated as column 0 instead of column 1) by setting the Start Text Ruler at 0 option in the Preferences Dialog box.

The ruler is always displayed in the same font as the file.

The floating ruler and grid lines only become fully functional once V has been registered.