Waiting for Applications to Finish

When you start a Windows GUI application from the prompt, TCC does not normally wait for the application to finish before returning to the prompt  This allows you to continue your work at the prompt while the application is running. You can force TCC to wait for applications to finish before continuing by selecting the Wait for External Apps configuration option, or with the START command's /WAIT switch (START can also control many other aspects of how your applications are started).


TCC always waits for applications that are run from transient shells (with a /C), or from batch files before continuing with subsequent commands in the batch file. To start an application from a transient shell or a batch file and continue without waiting for the application to finish, use the START command (without the /WAIT switch).


Due to the way Windows handles URLs, you cannot wait for the browser to finish when you enter an HTTP: URL at the prompt. In this situation, TCC always displays the next prompt immediately.