@AGEDATE example incorrect in help

May 29, 2008
Groton, CT
The example in @AGEDATE shows

for /l %n in  (1,1,4) echo %n %@agedate[127551146920835000,%n]
 1 03-12-05,15:24:52.083
 2 12-03-05,15:24:52.083
 3 05-03-12,15:24:52.083
 4 2005-03-12,15:24:52.083
 5 2005-W10-6,15:24:52.083
 6 2005-W10-6,15:24:52.083

The terminal value of the FOR should be 6 instead of 4, and the value
on the line beginning with 6 should be "2005-071,15:24:52.083".
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