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@diskfree[ ] syntax in 15.00.17

I just installed the beta (woohoo!) and my prompt (which I've been using for years) was causing an error message, 'The system cannot find the path specified. "C"'.

It turns out that @diskfree[ ] now expects a colon after the drive letter, whereas it never did previously.

This isn't a bug, per se, because the documentation reflects the requirement of a colon in the syntax.

Now that I look at the helpfile for version 14, it mentions the colon, too, but apparently TCC let it slide without. Perhaps an older version didn't need the colon?

Anyhow, it's a small thing, but I would recommend mentioning in the changelog that @diskfree[ ] no longer lets you get away with no colon.

Thanks for cool new goodies to play with!


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