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Done Feature Request: Gain some elements of the XXCOPY feature set in COPY or a new "Mass-Copy" command

Support for the rather handy "file copy swiss army knife", XXCOPY, ended with the death of its Author, Kan Yabumoto .
[...all best wishes to his family, he made a tool that I found useful, and supported, for a couple of decades. (...not quite as long has I have been using and paying 4DOS/4NT/4OS2/4NT/TakeCommand! ;-) )]

A couple of the functions that XXCOPY had which I found useful:

"Directory-Tree-gathering: Copy-&-Collapse/Expansion (While recording the original file path in the gathered file name.)": XXCOPY Technical Reference

"Directory-Synchronization"--including support for the use case were the source files are NTFS EFS and the destination volume does not support EFS. [file copy/sync w/ transparent un-encryption]

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