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Declined File Explorer enhancement request

Been meaning to ask for this for years. Along with one or more TCC prompts, I keep the File Explorer open in my TC window. Please add a "move up a folder in the folder/file list" to allow quicker nav options with the mouse. Thanks!

Just a WEIRD idea: would it be possible (over the API) to add an "external" button for "move up"? Perhaps in the title bar of the explorer window? If not, ignore my thought :cool:
Check out the QTTabBar File Explorer extension. I put info on it in the Open Forum awhile back.

As noted there, don't use the Clover.exe program instead.
I've been disappointed with the lack of an "up folder" option as well. My workaround, while not perfect, was to add this command to the tabbed toolbar as a "Send to the current tab" option:

"@pushd & cdd /n /x %%@quote[%%_tcfolder] & cdd /x /t .. & popd /x" enter

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