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Declined Help file request

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
Okay, an oddball request of extremely low importance....

Two or three major versions back, you offered a standalone .EXE version of the help system, using I think Help&Manual. Do you still have the capability to do this easily? Assuming it ever was easy.

Reason I'd like a copy of the help as an .EXE: I've been using TCC on a bootable BartPE flash drive for virus and malware cleanup. Yes, I realize that you can't be expected to support this kind of bizarre configuration. Some TCC features work perfectly under BartPE (file management, which is really the whole point) and some don't. The most annoying issue is the help system, which relies on HH.EXE and therefore the IE engine....

If this is difficult/expensive/impossible/too much trouble for one user/raises licensing issues, etc., then I completely understand.
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